Financial Freaks? Monetary Mutants?

What can investors learn from a freak of nature? Is it possible to find among the thousands of common stocks any freaks of finance? Are new unseasoned speculative high-tech Internet-related company stocks with little or no positive earnings that trade at triple-digit price-to-sales ratios candidates for financial freakdom?

Gecko by M. Escher & Frog Sphere by Unknown

A photograph appears in the book entitled Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins, 1996, W.W. Norton & Company, on page 97 with a caption: "Figure 3.2 Macro-mutations do happen.This freak toad with eyes in the roof of its mouth is said to have been found surviving wild in a Canadian garden. This photograph was originally published in a local newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator." On page 96, "The toad in Figure 3.2 is said by the photographer, Scott Gardner of the Hamilton Spectator, to have been found by two girls in their garden in Hamilton, Ontario. He says that they put it on the kitchen table for him to photograph. It had no eyes at all on the outside of its head. When it opened its mouth, Mr. Gardner said, it seemed to become more aware of its surroundings."

If and when you ever consider taking the plunge in a high-flying stock, try this —
Open your eyes, close your mouth, and think of this toad! Do you see the light?

The Hamilton Spectator currently does not allow its photographs to appear on the Web, but print and jpeg copies can be ordered from Ronald Albertson, Photo Editor,, or Customer Service at 905-526-3307 (ask for Julie who will determine the price based on intended use, and who will need a publication data which can be supplied by Ronald Albertson).


Toad Croaks

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