Global Value Investing

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A multifaceted approach to value investing with stock valuation based on intrinsic value estimated from cash returns, appraised value of assets, and other facets of value.



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Links A to M

AAII Stock Investor

databases; screen, rank & graph 8,000 stocks; fee

American Partnership Board

limited partnerships online auction system


low-cost, on-line transaction service

Annual Report Gallery

online financial reports and links

BEAR Valuations

business equity appraisal reports; fee

Big Charts

quick charts & interactive charts for stock data


quotes, data, analysis, funds, world markets, energy

Bloomberg: International Yield Curves

G-7 and Dutch governments

Bonds Online

quotes/search for U.S. corporate & other bonds

Business Directory

100,000+ companies online and links

CBS Market Watch

global markets; foreign exchange


Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies


Council on Economic Priorities

CNNfn World Stock Markets

indexes for bourses in four global regions

Corporate Library

corporate governance issues and information

CPA Class

U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)


historical graphs of markets and economies

Data Downlink Corporation

spreadsheet-formatted financial data


low-cost, on-line transaction service

DBC Online: Financial Markets: Industry Groups

38 industry groups

Decisioneering Crystal Ball

risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation software


management decision analytics

Dismal Scientist

economic information and analysis


prices and online trading for investment-grade municipal bonds

EDGAR Online

real-time SEC filings; insider trading reports; fee and free

Escape Artist

offshore investments


low-cost, on-line transaction service

FASB Exposure Drafts

proposed U.S. financial accounting standards


finance calculators for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds


financial engineering software for option pricing and other modeling

Financial Data Finder

OSU Fisher College of Business search directory

Financial Players Center

finance education -- Time Value of Money


for lawyers, students, the public, and business


free unlimited real-time SEC filings


financial economics journals & papers

Form 1040

U.S. Federal & State income tax information, forms, and links

Gomez Advisors

Personal Finance: Internet-Broker Scorecard

Governing Corporate Objective

Shareholders vs Stakeholders

Hoover's Online

capsules on over 11,000 companies, U.S. and non-U.S.

Inflation Calculator

1800 to 1995; U.S. Consumer Price Index

Intrinsic Value Associates

institutional equity research and valuation

InvestingSites - Brokers

list of links to full-service and on-line brokers

Invest Offshore

offshore tax havens around the world; private banking, investments

Investor Protection Trust

your Investment Quotient-IQ; 50 state listings


investing and personal finance; advisor data

Jadco Stock Charts

actual and projected revenues and earnings

James' Calculator

financial calculator for NPV, FV and ROR

Kiplinger Financial Calculators

8 including stocks, bonds & mutual funds

LENS Investment Management

activist money manger criteria and methods


M&A database for comparable deals and data

Market Guide

provider of financial information; real-time

MatLab for Finance

computational and visualization analytical tools; fee only

MEAP's Currency Conversion Calculator

daily rates for 35 currencies

Media General Financial Services

database of NYSE, AmEx & Nasdaq financials


control-premium study for valuing a controlling interest

Moody's Investor Services

ratings and real-time rating actions

Moody's Manuals

screen, rank, spreadsheet & graph; US & non-US, fee only

Morningstar Net

market data; quick takes; portfolio radar; fund and company screens

Multex Investor

clearinghouse of institutional research; fee

Links N to Z


education; investment clubs; DRIPs, S&P screening; fee only

Natural Investing

making decisions in alignment with personal values

Numa Option Calculator

adjusted Black-Scholes model to value European options

OnLine Investment Services

Discount Stock Brokers Ranked report

Perspective on Value

Why Share-Owner Value?

Public Register's Annual Report Service

free annual reports on 3,600+ public companies

true random number service

comprehensive data, SEC filings, stock evaluator

stock, fund, index and money market quotes; research; SEC filings; free & fee

Research: Magazine: InvestorNet

market and company data; free & fee

Resources for Economists on the Internet

selective, narrowly-focused

Reuters Money Network

screen U.S. stocks, bonds, funds, CDs, etc.; fee only

Robert's Online Applications

pricers for options, commissions, etc.

Savings Bond Wizard

U.S. Treasury; redemption values; reports


broker ratings; quotes & data; calculators & worksheets

socially responsible investing funds

S&P Blue List

U.S. corporate & municipal bonds current offerings

S&P Compustat PC

financial data, global, ACE, I/B/E/S

S&P ComStock

worldwide real-time market data

S&P Equity Investor Services

Earnings Guide, Stock Guide, etc.; fee only

S&P Personal Wealth

U.S. & global stocks, bonds; holdings, analysis; fee & free

S&P Ratings Services

ratings criteria for 8 categories


animated interactive probability calculator


investing tools, screen and sort, export; free


four stock "value" calculators and Dow analysis


discounted cash flow models for stock valuation; examples

Stock Smart

comprehensive worldwide company data; fee


screens, quotes, industry groups, portfolios, and graph wizard


model that returns a warranted price-earnings ratio

U.S. SEC Archive Search

historical filings


internet database of corporate information; new filings

U.S. Tax Resources

Federal and States income tax forms and publications

University Angels

investor and entrepreneur equity capital network

Value Line Investment Survey

screen, rank & graph 5,000 stocks; fee only

Venture Capital Resource Library

database; list & browse investment opportunities

Wall Street City

collection of single-question personal finance "calculators"

Wall Street Research Net

economy, industry, company and fund data

Wiley & Sons

download spreadsheet programs for valuation

World Economic Forum

global competitiveness reports

World Wide Web Resources in Economics

mainly broad academic topics

American Depositary Receipts; EDGAR Online; global indices; currencies

Xenon Laboratories

worldwide currency converter

Yield Curves

for terms of 3 months to 30 years

Zacks Investment Research

analysts earnings estimates and other data

ZDNet Search

personal stock quote & private portfolio applications


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