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DCF Valuator Pro

Fact Sheet

The DCF Valuator Pro website and FAQs preview the DCF Valuator Pro web-based server-side application. The eight basic Valuator model types are augmented with three modules: Model Chooser, Inputs Analyzer and Quality Grader. Model selection criteria can be reviewed in an interactive interview with Model Chooser. Five major inputs to the models can be analyzed in greater depth with Input Analyzer, and investment quality can be assessed with the configurable Quality Grader. In addition, there is an Annuity Value model which is a modification of the use of one of the basic valuation models.

Added functionality includes customizable reports and online collaboration. Automatic data gathering of company financial data is optional, and language localizations are feasible in any spoken language with an alphabet.

Price is not value, and pricing models are not valuation models. This is more than merely a semantic distinction. The difference between price and value, referred to as the margin of safety, is the raison d'Ítre of valuation models. Model labels can be misleading. It is necessary to look inside the box to discover all the assumptions being made. The DCF Valuator models are genuine valuation models as opposed to statistical models with
market beta and other alleged risk factors or to stock screening with market timing. The beta coefficient is the sole explanatory so-called risk factor specified in the conventional academic capital asset pricing model as opposed to the multiple specific risks or perils such as price-level inflation that may be included in a valuation model.


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