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Global Value Investing

Fact Sheet

The Global Value Investing website focuses on the basic principles of investing. It is a tutorial-style presentation of a multi-faceted approach to long-term intrinsic value based on estimated expected return from dividends or free cash flow to equity. The major pages are organized like chapters in a book and a Glossary of investing terms is included.

The Four Steps of Investing provide the theoretical framework for the Four Steps of Selection. These are supported by the concept of safety margin, the difference between value and price, and the distinction between valuation and pricing or price screening.

Investors can find original investment guidance, investment models, analysis, commentary, and book reviews. In addition, there are recommended investment-related books with convenient hyperlinks to the Library of Congress and online bookstores as well as hyperlinks to selected investment-related resources online.

An example of the General Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model, which can be used to estimate intrinsic value and the internal rate of return, is presented in spreadsheet format where the input data for each year in the forecast period can have unique independent values.


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