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Fact Sheet

The Numeraire.Com domain was organized on April 1, 1999 to provide access to new research findings in financial economics on capital markets, original articles, investment guidance, investment models, analysis, commentary, book reviews and related resources.

There is great benefit for all humanity in avoiding unstable capital markets that experience financial crashes. To this end, there is a need for rational methods of valuation to mitigate speculative price swings. Therefore, a need was perceived to identify and present sound long-term investment principles and practices for individual investors, professional security analysts and serious researchers. Also a need was perceived for powerful, flexible, accessible valuation and fundamental analysis tools, techniques and methods that could be quickly learned and easily used by those who diligently focus themselves.

The motto "Where facts conquer fiction" and mantra "Dig deep for facts - Dig deeper for value" reflect the need for realistic valuations and the corresponding need to penetrate the fogs emanating out of academia and Wall Street whose fancies, figments, fantasies, fictions, fabrications, falsehoods, fakeries, and frauds give the F-word new meaning beyond fornication. The Wall Street or financial services industry fog results from preoccupation with trading volume, and one way through it is to follow the money. The academia or scholarly publication industry fog results from preoccupation with publication volume, and one way through it is to follow the scholarly journal articles and books published.


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